fitzroy exterior house painting

Interior and Exterior House Painters Fitzroy, Gore Street

This true Victorian beauty was calling out for our house painters in Fitzroy to service a fresh touch-up to its classic design. Our team of house painters in Melbourne were contracted to perform a full interior and exterior repaint to this property located on Gore Street in Fitzroy.

House Painters Fitzroy: Preparation Process

To ensure our painting services in Melbourne always achieve a fresh and clean result, a thorough preparation process is crucial. Before applying Taubmans 3 in 1 undercoat, our house painting specialists applied rust converter to any exposed areas. Rather than removing rust, rust converter changes it into a black coating, which acts as a prevention to rusting in the future.

home paint job undercoat applicationhouse painting fitzroy undercoat

A two-part filler was then applied to all gaps to ensure a crisp and clean finish. After this, all previous paint was removed using a power sanding tool. To which Taubmans 3 in 1 undercoat could then be applied to all surfaces.

House Painters Fitzroy: Paint Colour Scheme

Once the preparation process was completed, a bright white was applied to all walls and woodwork. The standout walls, mixed with a charcoal high gloss enamel (applied to the staircase), was the ultimate combination for this chic Fitzroy property.

interior paint job staircase painting services

On the exterior of the property, our North Melbourne painters applied a deep grey to all external walls. We also added a high gloss enamel shiny black finish to all lacework and surrounding fences of the property, taking it to another level.

exterior wall house painting service external wall home paintinglacework fitzroy painting service

Final product 

The final product of this Victorian beauty was breathtaking and gave the exact crisp and clean result that the client had wanted. At McIntosh Painters, we strive to exceed customer expectations, and this paint job on Gore Street did just that.

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