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Interior House Painters Aberfeldie, Buckley Street

Interior House Painters Aberfeldie – Buckley Street West Melbourne

We were recently contacted by one of our long-term clients for our team of interior house painters in Aberfeldie to service a repaint to his home.

Our client was looking to sell his property, and he knew the most effective way to improve the value of his home, was to refresh the interior with a fresh coat of paint.

Our team of professional house painters in West Melbourne is able to offer; premium exterior house painting and interior residential painting services in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

Our client was interested in repainting the interior walls and archway of the home, as well as the feature staircase in the living room, and the smaller staircase adjacent.

The Preparation Phase

The first step is to prepare the surfaces for the paint.

The staircase and hallway did not require too much preparation as the home was still relatively new. Our team of interior house painters did, however, sand down the surfaces ensuring that any gaps or structural cracks were covered and filled.

The Feature Staircase Before Being Repainted

The next step of the preparation process is to apply an undercoat to the surfaces. Our team of painters only use the highest quality products to ensure a long-lasting and quality finish. Taubmans 3 in 1 undercoat is applied; our team of painters use this product for all of our residential painting services.

The Techniques and Products Used To Paint The Interior

Post-preparation, our team of painters in West Melbourne began to hand paint all surfaces.

Opting to conduct our paintwork by hand, is what differentiates Mcintosh painters. Painting by hand as opposed to spray painting achieves results that cannot compare to those achieved by spray painting.

Hand painting is what our team of house painters are specialised and trained in; this technique offers high quality and long-lasting results. The attention to detail and strict procedure is what makes our paintwork stand out gives us our competitive edge.

The hallway and archway in home once paintedThe handrail and wall strings once finished being repainted

Once all surfaces were painted, we then apply the Wattyl high gloss enamel coat to the painted surface. This product allows for a crisp and clean white gloss finish which truly makes the intricate details of this Aberfeldie property stand out.

The finished feature staircase once repainted

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Our client was absolutely thrilled with the finished result of his home. He felt confident in the value of his property and the potential it now has in the market.

The entire finished staircase once repainted. Also the interior walls fully painted

If you are looking for interior house painting services in Aberfeldie, or any other West Melbourne or surrounding suburbs, then don’t hesitate to contact the team at Mcintosh Painters today. We are fully licensed and insured house painters in Melbourne with years of experience and a fantastic track record of happy customers. Click here to request a free, no obligation quote today.

The exterior of the residential home. Mcintosh advertising can be seen