Complete Yarraville Job House Painters

Interior and Exterior Painting Yarraville, Wilson Street

Interior and Exterior Painting for Residential Home

Complete Yarraville Job House Painters

Our client, Jason contacted us and advised that he was selling a residential home in Yarraville. He required a full interior and exterior painting of the house at 46 Wilson Street Yarraville. House Painters Melbourne were contracted to carry out the repainting of the residential home.

Here at House Painters Melbourne, we pride ourselves on our ability to specialise in carrying out exterior and interior painting. Our passionate house painters are determined to produce the best results for each home that we encounter and are dedicated in providing our clients with long-lasting and effective results.

The Interior and Exterior Painting Process for Home in Yarraville

In examining the residential home, our team of expert painters discovered that this was a difficult job. We needed to access above the roof of the house which was a problem. However, we were able to source a roof ladder and flat scaffold to provide us with access over the roof.

The next step for our house painters was to sand down areas which required smoothing out. Our team worked diligently and made sure all the crevices in the exterior had no bubbling or flaking before moving onto the next task. We made sure that a full preparation of the exterior and interior was applied and all structural cracks, cracked weatherboards and various other things were fixed prior to any painting.

In wanting to produce a transformational look for the residential house, our house painters are always looking to understand what is best suited for our clients. Jason wanted a more contemporary look and therefore, we re-painted the exterior to a modern grey colour. This ultimately gave the house a lift in design. It was then enhanced with a nice high gloss white coating which combined perfectly with the grey.

Exterior painting House Painters Yarraville

Complete Yarraville Job House Painters

Additionally, to create a well-matched interior, our house painters decided to select a soft white colour within the house. The reasoning behind this is so the interior would produce a warm feel for the occupants. Our experienced team understand the different tones and shades that will match the aesthetics of any house. It is through their superior understanding that we gave Jason the best results for the residential home.House Painters in Yarraville interior

Interior Yarraville House Painters

Residential Home Yarraville: The Completed House

In the end, our client Jason was very satisfied with the results and we had a great time working in Melbourne’s West. It was visible after the fresh interior and exterior painting in Yarraville, the house increased in value. We were happy to hear from Jason that the property sold at the auction for $1.03 million. This was a very successful result and we are proud to have assisted in the process.

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