finished repaint of pascoe vale south residential home

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Interior and Exterior Residential House Painters in Pascoe Vale

Our house painters in Pascoe Value recommend that one of the most effective ways to add property value to your residential home is to transform the interior and exterior with a repaint.

A repaint of the home can have a large impact, visually and also structurally; as surfaces are repaired and paint coating are more durable against weather elements.

Recently, our client Peter had reached out, as he was retiring and needed to transform his home. Peter wanted to sell the property and knew that repainting the home was a fast way to build the property value, and receive a high potential return on his investment.

Preparation Process: House Painters in Pascoe Vale

The surfaces of the home needed repair and few surfaces also required timber replacements.

Our carpenter Elliot works with us, to provide our clients with a service which allows for all surfaces to be repaired and ready to go; making certain that the paint coating is applied to a durable surface, extending the life and quality of the paint job.

Interior of the home being prepped for the repaint

Once repairs, power sanding, filling and prevention gapping are completed, the surfaces are then secured from the harsh weather elements.

Taubmans 3 in 1 exterior undercoat is then applied; our team of painters in North Melbourne, truly do believe that this product provides the durability required to ensure a long lasting paint job.

paint preparation of the exterior on pascoe vale south homeInterior of home being repainted with undercoat

Repaint Process: House Painters in Pascoe Vale

The repainting process involved a complete transformation, as our team was contracted to repaint both the interior and exterior of the home.

Peter was after a modern paint transformation, and our team of specialised house painters worked with Peter directly for a colour consultation.

finished interior repaint of bathroom

Through ongoing consultations, Peter chose a modern light grey and white colour for his home.

The modern grey look was applied with two coats of low sheen, to the frames, doors, and windows in a high gloss.

The interior of the home was finished in a soft white, giving the home a fresh and warm feel.

finishing touches on interior of pascoe vale southcompleted interior repaint of pascoe vale south residential home

Our team of painters in North Melbourne ensured that our clients are informed about every step of the process. Whether this is the product or technique being used, information regarding the project timeline, or for ongoing colour consultations; we strive to ensure our clients feel involved and satisfied with the job we are doing.

finished repaint of interior in residential pascoe vale home

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Finishing touches of exterior of pascoe vale south home