Finished Exterior Paint Job East Malvern

House Painters East Malvern, Deakin Street

House Painters East Malvern, Deakin Street-  South East Melbourne

Our team of professional house painters in Melbourne were recently contracted by Sarah to repaint the exterior and interior of her residential house in Deakin Street, East Malvern. Sarah had a lovely home however she was planning on selling the property, and needed to transform it’s paint job in order to make the best possible profit from the sale.


The Preparation Phase

After sitting down with Sarah and discussing her vision and carrying out a full health and safety inspection, our team set to work preparing the services. Good preparation is an essential step in any  interior or exterior house painting job which aids to maintain the professional look and long-term quality.

Some of these steps included power sanding, which we did in order to remove any flaky paint and bubbles thus ensuring that all the surfaces were smooth and even.

We also used a high quality filler around the entire house in order to ensure that there were no gaps in the exterior.


Applying the undercoats

After the preparation phase was complete and the interior and exterior surfaces were ready, our next step was to apply Taubmans 3 in 1 undercoat; an essential product when it comes to house painting. This is a multi-purpose product which ensures smooth, glossy surfaces for us to paint on. This is very important when it comes to making sure that the whole paint job looks professional and high quality.

Exterior House Paint East Malvern

Applying The Undercoats To The Backyard Exterior

The interior paint job

For the interior house painting, we decided to stick with the original colour scheme as we thought it worked well with the style of the home. However, the interior was seriously in need of a repaint. The colour that we went for was the Dulux Antique White USA, a high-quality paint that gave the interior of the home, a soft, fresh feel.


Finished Paint Coat On Internal Door

Final Internal Paint Coat On Door


The Exterior

When painting the exterior of any home, our experienced house painters in Melbourne understand how important it is to ensure the best products are being used, to ensure the paint job can withstand the elements.

Exterior Of Home Final Paint Coat Applied

Application Of Final Paint Coats To Exterior Of Home

This is why after applying the exterior paint, we used products such as the Wattyl exterior Sologard Low Sheen paint which blocks out harmful UV rays, preventing cracking and peeling of the paint and providing long lasting weather protection.  

We also applied Wattyl high gloss enamel onto the doors, frames and windows to polish the whole look off.


The Final Product

Both Sarah and our team of house painters in Melbourne were really happy with the final look of the exterior and interior. Following the paint job, Sarah’s property sold for  $1455000, a huge success that resulted from her investing the time and money into making her home look the very best that it could.

Finished Paint Job

Final Product Of Exterior Paint Job East Malvern


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