Exterior Painting Melbourne

Painters Melbourne - Recent Exterior Painting Projects

Your home is one of your most valuable assets and can be a representation of your personal style. Our Exterior painting projects in Melbourne can connect your sense of self onto your property by repainting the outside of your home to suit you. Whether you would like a small portion of your house frame repainted or a complete colour change of the entire outside of your home we can provide you with the colours that you are seeking.

The outside of your house is exposed to all environmental elements, therefore the exterior paintwork needs to be extremely durable to survive. Often we are on jobs with properties where the paint has withered away and is in extremely poor condition. We will always scrape back the dirt and grime that builds up over time as well as remove what remains of the tattered paint on your home before applying our first undercoat of paint. Layering paint on top of a properly prepared base is how we achieve our famous smooth finish and longevity. Our quality workmanship adds beauty to your home whilst maintaining the paint conditions for up to 25 years do to our use of high quality paint.

To view examples of our exterior paint work around Melbourne, click here.


  • First, if you have opted for the Exterior Painting service, our painters will discuss and help you create the perfect colour scheme for your home that fits your vision.
  • Second, we will conduct a thorough preparation of all surfaces to be painted.
  • Third, we will paint the exterior of your home completely by hand, ultimately covering external surfaces with three layers of paint for a great quality finish and for extra durability.
  • Fourth, we will conduct a thorough site clean of your property and take you through the completed project to ensure that every aspect of our work has been completed to meet your standards.
  • Lastly, we will apply a 5 year warranty to the job.