Exterior House Painting Richmond, Johnson Street

Exterior House Painting In Johnson Street, Richmond

Here at Mcintosh Painters PTY.LTD, we are specialists in interior and exterior painting in Melbourne, with more than 30 years experience. We offer our house painting services in Melbourne and it’s surrounding suburbs. 

Our team was recently contacted by Rilyn, to fully repaint the exterior of his residential house in Johnson Street, Richmond, East Melbourne.
When it comes to exterior painting for your home, we understand the importance of getting the job done in a professional and timely manner. Here are some of the steps that we took in order to carry out this particular exterior paint job in Richmond.

Richmond house in process of being externally painted

The Process of Exterior House Painting on Residential Home in Richmond

Picking A Colour Scheme

Initially we arranged for the client to meet with us in order to select the paint colours that we would use for the exterior paint job. We then took him through a quality inspection of these paints and other materials once they arrived, ensuring that everything was correct before we started.

Home Building Safety Inspection

Safety is our top priority at Mcintosh Painters, so before we started painting, our team conducted thorough safety checks of the home and the products that we were using. This primarily included lead and asbestos testing, of which we would have taken the necessary steps to ensure their removal if found. During this inspection, we would also highlight any areas of the home that may need extra attention; to ensure the longevity of the exterior paint job.

Home in Richmond being painted

External House Painting On Residential Home in Richmond

Preparation Of Exterior Surfaces

Next, our team began by preparing the surfaces of the house exterior. In this particular case, our carpenter Elliot was called in to replace rotten and damaged timber. Once repairs are complete, our team then used our specialised power sanders. This ensures the wood is smooth and ready for us to paint on.

Applying The Undercoat

Once the exterior was sanded down, our next step was to apply the undercoat layers. For this, we used the Taubmans 3 in 1 undercoat, the most important product in exterior painting. This high-performance product is multi-purpose and primarily ensures smooth, glossy surfaces. In addition to this, we added a couple of coats of high gloss oil to the door frames and windows, giving it an even more glossy and professional look.

house being inspected for health and safety precautions

External House Painting on Home in Richmond- Site Inspection

Adding The Paint

Once the undercoat had been applied, it was time to start painting using the chosen colour scheme. We applied a few coats, sanding in between and ensuring that the entire exterior paint job was uniform.

Applying The Final Products

Lastly, we applied two coats of Solagard Low Sheen on to weatherboards and to the exterior timber. This fantastic product prevents UV rays from damaging the exterior and causing fading or cracking of the surfaces. An essential step to bring the final look of the paint job together.

Residential home in Richmond

Repairs to Damaged and Deteriorated Wood To Allow For Preparation of External Painting.

Site Clean

Once the exterior painting was completed and our client was satisfied, our team carried out a thorough site clean of the property.

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