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About The Location

Robert lives along Brunswick Road, where the Melbourne Zoo and Princes Park are just a stone’s throw away. Those residing in this area enjoy a lovely neighbourhood that’s neither too close nor too far from the city. It is pretty laid back with a great variety of cafes, pubs and restaurants in the vicinity.

But as much as there’s a charm about the array of vintage houses that exist here, you wouldn’t want your home to get ‘too old’ for its own good. Everything at some point will fall victim to wear and tear and breaking down. The good news? When it comes to houses and walls and doors, there are countless tools and resources to do the necessary fixes. You just have to find the right people to trust with those.

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So then Robert, one of the long-time locals here, approached us about our home painting services to help him out with his house. It did, in fact, require some level of rejuvenation. The lace work was pretty rusted, and we noticed straight away how rotten the timber work was. Nevertheless, that was just bad news with an expiration date. None of those problems were unsolvable for us.

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The House Painting Job

First, our exterior house painting process involved an application of a rust converter to kill off all the rust. Then, in order to protect the entire surface of the home, we applied a premium undercoat.

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Additionally, we brought in a carpenter to take care of replacing the damaged and rotten timber. It was necessary to do this, as any wooden material with poor or unreliable quality would simply get in the way of the goals we had set.

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Next, we applied full gloss enamel to all the lace work and steel for a premium finish. We then painted the doors with timber preservers, and we followed this up by adding a bright exterior gloss to the weatherboards. And voilà – our mission accomplished.

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