Cost To Paint A House

For a quick quote on the cost to paint a house please fill in your details as well as a brief description of the type of paintwork you require including property type (Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Other) as well as the area painted (Exterior or Interior). Custom hand techniques

We are a premium painting service offering the highest quality paint and techniques as well as personalised customer service. The difference between us and other painters in the industry is that we get beautiful results that a longstanding. We follow strict preparation techniques before even beginning our first layer of paint, such as removing dirt, grime and all remaining worn away paint left on your surfaces. We then apply an undercoat followed by three paint layers to achieve our famous smooth and durable finish. Unlike other paint companies, we don’t use a spray paint method which is often a time effective technique but lacks in craftsmanship and provides a lower grade finish that is obvious to the eye. Here at Mcintosh Painters we paint every project by hand to ensure the highest quality and zero damage to surroundings such as wood panels and glass windows.  

Why should you choose Mcintosh Painters?

  • Custom hand painted techniques, painting your home by hand to ensure the best results.
  • Over 30 years of experience in the paint industry
  • Customer orientated, we listen to your needs  
  • We take away consumer risk, you don’t pay for the job until you are 100% satisfied
  • Hand preparation techniques
  • Fully insured
  • We follow OHS procedures
  • We do not subcontract. All our painters are fully qualified and experienced and follow our company values.
  • Durability, our paint work lasts up to 25 years due to use of quality paints and preparation techniques
  • We can offer help designing your colour schemes to match your vision